Maz is a tiny Chihuahua who was one in a large group of dogs living in filthy conditions in an RV. She was underweight, with a rotting mouth, and hadn’t been spayed. As a final indignity, she even had chocolate caramels stuck in her hair. This was a very sick little girl when she came to her Old Dog Haven Final Refuge home. She was not eating much and was throwing up blood clots and passing them, as well. It is obvious that Maz had been having puppies and painfully obvious that she was not socialized with people at all: She is afraid of most people.

Thankfully, Maz likes other dogs and seems to take comfort in curling up next to the other dogs in her ODH home. It took a couple of months of care and patience, but her ODH mom was able to stabilize Maz enough so that she could be spayed and be given a “starter” dental – her teeth were cleaned and the teeth that were literally hanging by threads were pulled. Her teeth had been rotting for so long her lower jaw is fractured so she’ll see a dental specialist in the near future thanks to your support of ODH.

Despite the challenges, her ODH mom reports that “Maz is a lovely little dog and we are happy that she seems much more comfortable now! We hope over time she will learn that the people she comes into contact with now only want to keep her safe and love her.”

Update:  Dear Maz had a wonderfully long time in her Final Refuge home and was truly her Mom’s girl.  Suddenly her health failed and her family let her go with much love.  We are so grateful that Maz was able to experience so much love and care during her last chapter.