Old Dog Haven first heard about 12 year old Sissy while she was still living with her owner. We were told she was overweight and “her breathing was hard”. Her owner was moving and no one wanted her. How could that be?

A local rescue organization offered to take Sissy in and get her vetted, with the hope that she just needed some basic vetting, TLC and weight loss and then she’d be adoptable. Sissy was dropped off at a vet clinic, filthy, full of live fleas. Her hair was matted, nails were long overgrown and she weighed in at over 105 pounds. Sissy was a physical wreck; it broke the hearts of everyone at the clinic to see a dog in such a neglected state. Being obese and arthritic, getting up and moving wasn’t easy for her. Sissy also had a nasty UTI. Poor girl!  Staff told us in spite of her physical troubles, she was a really happy, sweet old gal. She allowed them to poke and prod her and didn’t fuss at all while they lovingly cleaned her up.

Sissy’s vetting found that she had both high blood pressure and Cushing’s Disease and it was determined that she could not be put up for adoption–so Old Dog Haven stepped in and a Final Refuge home was found for her.

After only a few weeks in her Final Refuge home, Sissy is already doing much better. She’s taking medication for her Cushing’s Disease and her high blood pressure. The UTI has cleared up with the help of antibiotics. Sissy is moving so much better thanks to a good joint supplement and daily walks around her foster family’s property. She is losing weight slowly but surely. Sissy is your typical Golden Retriever, always grabbing a toy to carry around especially when she’s happy to see you. Her tail is always wagging and when she’s really excited she moves her head from side to side and smiles. Sissy will go outside and roll around in the dirt, happy as a clam. Sometimes she’ll hear a flock of birds outside and run (as best as she can) to go out and bark at the birds. Her people think it’s pretty cute.

Sissy’s Final Refuge people feel like the luckiest people alive to be able to give Sissy the home she always deserved. Thanks to Old Dog Haven sponsors, Sissy will receive the vet care and lifelong medication she needs to remain as healthy as possible. Every day is Golden with Sissy!

Update:  After almost 3 years in her wonderful Final Refuge home, Sissy’s health failed her and her people had to say goodbye.  She relished every day she had in her final chapter and brought great joy to her new family and all her pack mates.  We are all so grateful to her forever home and they are grateful for having shared their home with this truly wonderful girl.