Mercy is a precious soul in a battered, neglected body…but that doesn’t slow her down one bit! Her paperwork says she was turned in to the shelter on her birthday.  She has numerous mammary gland tumors, neurological spinal damage, teeth and skin problems, a collapsing trachea, vision impairment, a total lack of hearing and some definite dementia.  Thanks to Old Dog Haven, we are addressing those issues so she can be in the best health possible.

Painfully passionate about food and the whereabouts of her Mama, Mercy easily overcomes all her physical challenges with nary a complaint, charming the world as she goes.

Since Mercy’s last chapter ended on her birthday, it makes perfect sense to try and give her the party of a lifetime, that will last the rest of her days (may they be many) by filling all her needs and making certain SHE KNOWS SHE IS ADORED!

She teaches the philosophy of “Living in THIS moment” just by being her adorable self, so we savor every minute and cram as much love as possible into every second, and count ourselves lucky to have found each other!

Update:  After much too short a time, sweet Mercy became suddenly very ill and her Mama had to say good-bye.  We are so grateful that she knew such love and care and gave such love as well.  Mercy – you will always be in our hearts.