Spike came to us after his human companion of 14 years passed away. He had been on his own with just minimum visits to feed him, and that seems to have made him dislike being alone. Luckily, he seldom is anymore!

Old Dog Haven made sure that Spike had a complete check up and had needed medical care.

Spike has two speeds, asleep in your lap or playing fetch and keep away, full tilt. He never tires of playing! When people stop responding to his resounding bark he lifts up his bed, hides a toy beneath it, then pounces on top of the bed and digs for it!

Spike is deaf, and mostly blind, and he can’t do more than a couple of stairs, but his nose guides him everywhere. And, he loves wearing clothes! When approached with a garment he now charges to put his head through.

His unusual coloration ia called “wild boar” which is rare among smooth coated dachshunds.

Update:  After a wonderful time in his Final Refuge home, and soaking up lots and lots of lap time with his Dad, it was time to say good-bye to dear Spike.  He was a very old boy and blessed to have found a loving ODH home for his last chapter.  Spike was very much loved.