Mia – 11 years, tiny!

Mia is the tiniest little thing ever, just 4 pounds of prancing senior diva. She came to rescue when her family had a drastic change of living situation. On arrival, Mia had long, severely matted hair and very overgrown nails. After a trip to a wonderful groomer, it was realized she some serious skin irritation under all those mats. Welfare for Animals Guild has had her on some good food and medication and are hoping that the issue clears up.

Mia just wants to be loved. She loves being snuggled in your lap or under your chin. She gets along well with the other small dogs she’s met, but would love to be the full focus of your attention. No big dogs, cats, or children.

The folks at WAG have had no luck getting Mia potty trained, and at 11 years old, it may just not happen . She does use a potty pad most of the time, but not consistently. She’s been fully checked by the vet and there is no physical cause for this, so her new owner may need to simply diaper her. She is the sweetest little thing, just looking for a quiet loving home to spend her senior years.

Mia is posted for Welfare for Animals Guild (WAG) located in Sequim, WA. For more information about Mia and adopting her, please email: claudiaatwag@gmail.com

You can find an adoption form on WAG’s website here: www.wagsequimwa.com/index.html

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.