Milly sounds like a truly fantastic furry friend! A young senior who is about 8 years old,  Milly is a 60 pound girl who is said to be an Australian Shepherd/Husky mix. She is described by her person as being “an incredibly loving and loyal dog”. We are told she is “empathetic and in tune with her people’s emotions”, “she senses when people are sad and places her head in your lap.” What a dear girl.

Milly is hoping for a home with someone who can get her out for lots of walks and outdoor play time. Milly has lived with dogs in the past but currently lives as the only dog in the home. Her human says Milly would be much happier living in a home with another well mannered dog like herself. Milly has never been observed around cats. While she’s never lived with children, she has been good with kids who are old enough not to pull upon her or be rough with her. We’d bet she’d make a good buddy to a school aged child who will give her lots of pets and attention and play nicely with her.

While Milly has had no formal training, her person has worked with her over the years to teach her some tricks and commands. We are told she does still sometimes pull on leash when she sees a squirrel or another dog she would like to meet. Her recall is not great so going off leash could result in a lost dog! Milly’s owner has his own physical issues now that prevent Milly from getting out as often and as much as she would like. Milly’s ideal home would be one with a securely fenced yard when she can get outside and play with another dog or 2 as well as a home with people who can take her out for walks and adventures. Milly has done a lot of traveling in her time and has been boarded too. Her person says that every place she’s been boarded at has reported what a gentle, loving dog she is.

Milly does not appreciate being left home alone though currently she does just that. Her person really thinks she’d do less howling if she had a canine friend to spend the time with when the humans have to leave the house. Milly is said to be a very good girl when left in the house alone, no issues whatsoever except being lonely. Of course her adopter will need to give her time to settle in and learn a new routine in her new life. We are told Milly only barks when someone comes to the door. Milly can do stairs without any issue but she is just entering seniorhood. Reportedly the only issues Milly has had in the past was anal gland ruptures and she has a tendency towards a sensitive tummy. Her adopter should be willing and able to continue a healthy diet for her as well as regular vet care and grooming. The hope is always with good and proper care, a dog will live a long, happy and healthy life!

Do you already have a dog who is in need of a companion? Milly may just be what you are looking for! Someone is going to be so fortunate to welcome Milly into their family.

Milly is located in Federal Way, WA. For contact information please email:

This is a courtesy post. Millie is not an Old Dog Haven dog. We urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.