Milo is a sweet, sprightly beagle that is 10 years young. In early May of 2019, Milo had a bout with Vestibular Disease and since has been recovering and rehabbing by leaps and bounds! Because of his bout with Vestibular he has a slight tilt which makes him even more endearing, and proceeds to do his daily exercising without a hitch. Milo is one who loves to be outside cruising around rain or shine, while inside he prefers to have an area designated for him so that he can relax and nap.

Milo is currently working on strengthening his hind end with basic grid and lateral work with the help of laser therapy. Milo can have the occasional accident inside but truly does best when having a routine where he gets plenty of exercise (his preferred method is cruising around the yard following his beagle snoot!). He loves being part of a group or being a sole individual, and really thrives when playing tag with his favorite humans.

Being true to his beagle self, Milo is an independent little man. He loves a consistent routine, and having someone who has the ability to give him the extra TLC he needs. While he is not a lap dog nor snuggle partner, he prefers private displays of tail wagging and kisses at his discretion.

Milo’s slight IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) does best when on a soft food diet and treats on the side- this man isn’t one for vegetables! He also maintains energy and weight with the help of monthly B-12 shots.

Milo is looking for a family that can provide him with love and attention, and who understands his “life as a beagle” personality.

Milo is cross posted for Useless Bay Sanctuary. He is being fostered in Woodinville, WA. If you are interested in Milo or have any additional questions, please email

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation. 

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