Mindy was brought unceremoniously to the shelter after her person had gone to a care facility. The ex-husband had been coming by the house twice a week to care for the two dogs left there, but was tired of it. He found a home for the younger dog but no one wanted Mindy. When we went to pick her up at the shelter we discovered that she was blind and deaf – evidently no one had noticed that. Her coloring was fashionable when she was bred, and those fashionable colors often carry genetic messes. Poor Mindy was leaving blood clots in her urine (from polyps in her bladder, we learned from an ultrasound) and she was very crippled in her spine, hips and knees. Medication helped a lot but couldn’t keep the bladder infections at bay. Three months later her quality of life was really diminishing, despite all our efforts, and we said a peaceful goodbye. These dogs are the ones that break our hearts – she had no clue what had happened to her little world and did her best to adjust to a completely new life with only her sense of smell and touch to guide her. Very hard for a little old lady.

We hope she knew that we loved her.