Lola came to ODH after losing her adoptive home and being left outside by the next caretaker, hugely obese and skin raw from untreated allergies, nearly unable to move from overweight and arthritis. After 6 months of losing weight, seeing several specialists, intensive medication and supplement care, several medical crises that were never fully explained, and much effort from her ODH mom, we finally got LOLA on an even keel. Her ODH mom reports:
All her medications and medical issues were stable and under control, and then she started to limp. Her pain meds were adjusted, exercise restricted, and she got better. But the limp never went completely away, and then it started to get worse. LOLA still wanted to go for walks, and the “restricted exercise” part of the plan became a battle of wills – we compromised with to-the-corner-and-back.

After 2 weeks and still limping, LOLA went in for x-rays. An aggressive lesion was found in the bone – most probably cancer. We ordered aggressive pain medications. The next morning I let her walk and sniff as far as she wanted – she didn’t go far distance wise, but she spent about 30 minutes just moseying along. That evening she had no interest in going anywhere at all, she picked at her food, and she started to whine. She slept through the night, but in the morning she still had no interest in going outside – she had to be assisted. The decision was made to end her pain, and send her to a more peaceful place over the Rainbow Bridge.

Lola endured a lot of neglect and suffering in her life before coming into her ODH home where she was loved and doted on every day. She had the softest fur – more like rabbit fur than dog fur. She loved to roll on her back on the carpet or outside on the grass. She was mostly deaf except for the doorbell, and that was the only time she barked. She had been trained in a past life to stop and wait on the towel just inside the back door whenever coming in from the yard – I never did figure out what to say to tell her when it was OK to move on….

Her theme song was Copacabana 🎵:
 🎶 Her name was LOLA, she was a show girl…..🎶