Minnie was surrendered to a shelter by someone she knew with a note from her owner. She was 10 years old, obese and had a very large mammary tumor. The shelter thought because she was “only” 10 they would have the tumor removed and try to adopt her out. Lab results showed the tumor was a highly aggressive carcinoma. That meant she was no longer a dog the shelter would try to adopt out, so they contacted Old Dog Haven. A Final Refuge home was found for Minnie with the thought that her time with them would not be long. Minnie had other ideas!

From her foster mom: “Minnie came to us with all kinds of energy. That energy never ceased in the 2 years she was with us, not until her very last days. She was never an “easy” dog. Minnie wanted to be the top dog in our home. We made the best of things here and learned to stay ahead of what might happen if Minnie decided she wanted to exert control over the other dogs. Minnie LOVED going for walks. She and I spent a lot of time walking, sometimes just the two of us. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Minnie enjoy her walks. She was a beautiful, very smart girl and she very badly wanted to please me. Because Minnie was so fast she was able to run twice in the Race for Rescue half-time show for the Seattle Seahawks. It was an incredible honor for us to participate. Minnie was never a contender as the other dogs racing were young and seasoned racers, but Minnie was so well-behaved at the stadium, she made me incredibly proud. The cancer spread to Minnie’s lung and lymph nodes and, in the end, most likely her brain. In true Minnie-style, her decline happened fast, faster than I could process. But even on her last day, she made the effort to give me kisses. Minnie was an incredible dog. She made a big impact in our home and her loss has taken some time to adjust to. She is intensely missed. I told Minnie as she left her body that she was going to a place where she would win every race.

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