Little Murphy was found “stray”, his owner was located but didn’t want him back. He was extremely stressed in the shelter so staff asked us to find him an ODH home as quickly as possible. They reported that he calmed down immediately when held or talked to, and that proved to be the case: He walked into his ODH home and immediately knew that it WAS home. All the anxiety washed away, he found a good dog bed and slept. Soon he found his ODH dad’s lap and he settled right in. Like most Bichons, he is very attached to his people and immediately responded to the love and acceptance they offered. Murphy is basically a healthy little guy but with the worst dental disease imaginable. All his teeth were removed as quickly as we could get an appointment – many fell out on their own. He felt FAR better after that and is a happy little fellow who hopefully will have another year or more to enjoy himself.

Update:  Little Murphy was a very old dog when he lost his beloved ODH dad; they were fast friends and a great comfort to each other. When his dad passed on, Murphy stayed to keep his ODH mom company and comfort her – he knew she needed him. Too soon, Murphy’s frail body just couldn’t go on any longer. He was sent on with much love to join his dad again – they are both missed tremendously.