Meet Misha, a delightful blend of dachshund and pit bull. She will turn 10 years old this June. Misha is currently quite overweight, we are told she weighs 50 pounds. This nice girl needs an adopter who can help her lose the weight she needs to so she can live her best, new life!

Misha is a very nice girl who does well with other friendly dogs, cats and children who are gentle and respectful of her. She is a loving girl who will be your shadow if you allow her to be! She loves affection from her humans. We are told she likes to play and that she has a cute tail wag. We wonder if her tail is more doxie than pittie?? Hmmm…She seems to have cute dachshund feet!

Because of her weight Misha is having difficulty taking stairs and getting around easily. She is currently not getting out for any exercise but her person believes she would appreciate a home where there is time for that. Of course, a gradual diet and exercise plan would be most beneficial for Misha. We would also strongly recommend that her adopter take​ her​ in upon adoption and have her thyroid checked as one can diet a hypothyroid dog and without the inexpensive thyroid supplement they need, they will never lose weight. Additionally a full exam with a senior blood panel and urinalysis should be done for Misha. This is ideal for all senior dogs and we ask that it be afforded by anyone who is considering adoption. A commitment to lifelong veterinary care is vital for dogs.

At this time Misha is fine to stay home, inside, with her canine and feline companions. So if you have other pets currently and you’re thinking of adoption, Misha may be a rewarding and fun addition to your family! She can reportedly manage quite a while before needing a potty break.  Her human says her hearing appears to be not as sharp as it once was but she can still bark to let you know when someone is at the door.

Misha is hoping to find a home soon. Family dynamics have changed due to a tragedy and the remaining owner is heartbroken to give her up. We agree with them that there could be a better home for Misha out there. We hope to help her find it, will you help get the word out about Misha?

Misha is located in Federal Way, WA. For contact information please email:

This is a courtesy post. Misha is not an Old Dog Haven dog. We urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.