“Greetings, hoomans on the inter-web thingy! Miss Lovitt signing on to see if there’s a family of hoomans out there looking for a new best friend. My name is pretty accurate — I really do just LOVE everyone! I know, you are probably wondering why a sweet girl like me wound up in a place like this in my senior years, but try not to judge; my hoomans loved me very much but were unable to care for me any longer when they lost their home. But they made sure I was in a place that could care for my medical needs and find me the best new hoomans a dog could ask for! It’s true, I am 8 years old, no longer a puppy, and I do need a home that can accommodate my size and arthritis — I really can’t do more than one or two stairs on a regular basis and definitely need some soft and comfy beds for lounging. My former hoomans did tell my shelter peeps that I have lived with other dogs, cats, and kids but I’m looking for a quieter retirement home and would prefer not to have pups or kids climbing or jumping on me. Looking for a low maintenance relationship? I might just be the right dog for your family!”

Miss Lovitt is posted for the Humane Society for Tacoma and Pierce County.

THIS IS NOT AN ODH DOG; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.