Mogwai. He came into our home the day before Thanksgiving, 2012. He was a real mess! He’d arrived at the shelter with a live flea nest on his head. Mogwai’s hair was filthy, matted and overgrown. His foster mom thought he was bleeding somewhere when she gave him his first bath as the water ran red with flea dirt. Aside from his physical appearance, it became clear quickly that he’d not been treated kindly.  Mogwai was on the defense always. But Mogwai had a defender, someone who loved him unconditionally – his foster dad.

Mogwai loved to follow his foster dad from room to room or outside in the yard, all day long. His second favorite object of affection was a black pug named Sherman. As time went on, Mogwai slowed down and he mellowed out. He started to lose his vision, his hearing diminished and he lost the pep in his step. The love and bond between Mogwai and his foster dad only grew. Mogwai had struggles with an eye that kept ulcerating. A wonderful animal ophthalmologist did everything he could to help heal Mogwai and quite a few times he was successful.  But our luck with Mogwai ran out and he left us very suddenly. Mogwai was a dog many people loved – we didn’t realize how many other people loved him until he was gone. We are so grateful to know that he left his mark on their hearts just as he did ours.

You were a special boy, Mogwai. We will always remember you with a smile and a laugh and yes, a tear in our eye.