Bouncer was a stunning double-dapple dachshund surrendered by owner to a large shelter. As his Old Dog Haven Final Refuge fosters, we learned quickly why he had been named Bouncer: he literally bounced when he was happy! Bouncer spent 3 years in his Final Refuge home surrounded by many canine friends. He appreciated his pack and enjoyed having a daily routine. He had a best friend, another dachshund named Felix. Felix and Bouncer would often spend their time burrowed together under blankets and grooming each other’s faces. While Bouncer slept in our bed every night, he never did appreciate much handling by humans-it had to be on Bouncer’s terms. That’s not to say he wasn’t a friendly dog;\ he really was and he especially liked it when his extended human family came to visit. Bouncer became very ill quite suddenly. It was discovered he had an aggressive cancer on his liver.

We sent Bouncer on with a lot of love and sadness. Felix misses his buddy Bouncer and so do we.