When Molly, a cavalier king charles spaniel, was left by her owner at the shelter, she was a mess. Her long coat was full of dirt, poo and miscellaneous other unidentifiable things. Her mouth was riddled with decay and disease. She was sad and depressed and smelled incredibly bad. The shelter did their very best to bathe her and get her ready for us but she was truly a sight to see and smell. Her new ODH family brought her home and, with ODH’s guidance and support, started the process of trying to help this poor girl.

She was seen by the vet and a groomer immediately. She had to be shaved down to the base and an extensive dental was scheduled. Because of her breed, ODH wanted to make sure her heart was healthy enough to do the procedure so she had a complete cardiology workup.

Her blood work showed infection and anemia but her heart was OK to proceed. When the dental was complete all but 4 teeth had been removed and medication started to get her feeling better.

And better she did feel! Immediately after surgery the smell was gone. Within days she was wagging her tail non stop, greeting all the kids in our neighborhood and just loving life! She is deaf but sees and smells just fine. A group of kids come everyday to love on her, besides her family’s kids who adore her. The family makes it a point to explain Molly’s story to these kids and families to help spread awareness of ODH and these senior dogs that have so much life and love to share.

From her ODH mom: “I am so very thankful that we have this incredible group of ODH people here in this state. They do all they can for these dogs and in return allow these special pups another chance at life. We have seen this amazing transformation first hand and are truly grateful. Thank you ODH from Molly, my family and the many other dogs in your care.”

Update:  After a wonderful time in her Final Refuge home, little Molly’s health finally failed and her loving family had to say goodbye.  She was truly a part of her family and will be greatly missed.