Moose is a Bichon Frise now 15 years old. She was formerly known as Patapouf but when she realized she was moving in with a big dog and a really tough cat she requested to be known as Moose. She likes it. She is a spunky girl for her age, her arthritis gets her down now and then but mostly she gets around really well. She gets the crazies at least once a day and she loves when it’s time to eat. Her favorite things are stealing the big dog’s bed or forcing herself into the bed with him for naps. She doesn’t have a very thick coat anymore so likes her Pacific Northwest fleece that make her cozy. Moose, who is a petite girl of 15 pounds, doesn’t hear very well any more but knows when the big dog barks and provides stellar back-up support. She loves car rides particularly if it involves heading to the coffee shop for a tiny treat. Moose’s little body started failing her, bouts with pancreatitis turned into peritonitis as she got into her 16th year. She and her ODH mom tried their best to fight it off but the struggle became too much and they said goodbye. She had introduced her mom and her bigger “sibling” to the joys of small dogs, and will leave a big hole in the family. She passed away September, 2014.