Waldo, a long haired dachshund, showed up at a big shelter as a “stray”, badly in need of basic medical care and looking pretty pathetic. He was curled up in a little ball, too depressed or frightened to get up. The vet guessed him to be about 13 years old, not yet neutered, with cataracts and pretty wobbly. He joined his Final Refuge home, in a pack of much larger dogs, scared and quivering at first. He is now the peppiest, happiest little guy in the world. He loves car rides, and does a very cute happy dance every morning when he wakes up. He’s convinced his foster parents that small dogs can be wonderful too! After more than a year with his ODH family, Waldo suddenly succumbed at age 15. This little dude brought indescribable joy to his family, burrowing his way into their hearts. He did a happy dance every morning and started their day with a smile. He will be so missed. Waldo passed away September, 2014.