Mr. Chips is an adorable rat terrier mix who is guessed to be about 12 years old. He seems younger now then when he was rescued. A healthy diet, increase in play and activity can certainly do that! Supplements for his joints and muscles have helped greatly with the arthritis he displayed upon arrival to his Rompin Paws Rescue foster home. His fosters hope whomever adopts Mr. Chips will continue the diet and supplements that have helped him do so well.

Mr. Chips is a pretty laid back guy who loves to be close to his humans and follow them wherever they go.  He is a happy boy who greets all comers with a wagging tail, wanting to say hello. When his fosters return after a short absence, he likes to be picked up and greet them properly .Mr. Chips is still the quintessential lapdog.

While a happy go lucky guy, there are 5 other dogs in his foster home.  He is showing signs of strain as he would really prefer to just be with one other dog or would also do well as an only dog. He does not much like larger dogs or puppies, understandably.

Mr. Chips absolutely loves his daily walks and looks forward to them. He also enjoys going for car rides and looking out the window at the scenery. On cooler days he will find a spot on the rug  to lay on where the sun comes through the window.

Mr. Chips is posted for Rompin Paws Rescue. He currently resides in a foster home in Marysville, WA.

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.