Nali is a lovely, brindle, 8 year old Formosan Mountain dog. She is a unique, 30 pound girl hoping to find a home with a human female she can connect with. Nali’s humans once had female roommates and she loved them. Once they moved out, and another dog and cat were adopted, Nali’s demeanor changed. Nali spends most of her time mostly trying to avoid everyone she lives with now. We are told she has a room of her own that she escapes to. These humans love Nali and had hoped to keep her for life but they recognize she would be far happier in a different home.

Nali is fine with the other dog and cat she lives with now, she has shown no aggression towards them, she is just not interested in interacting with them. It could be that she would be fine living with another mature, calm dog or cat. Her choice would be a home where she could have a one to one connection with her female human. We are told that Nali has done well with kids but we would guess a home with older, respectful children would suit her best. Nali is obviously a sensitive soul who will need an adopter who will show her patience and understanding. While she may not be happy where she is at now, moving will still be a change for her and that means time to adapt and learn a new routine and home. As a young senior, Nali needs a home where she can stay for the rest of her life; another move for Nali would be so hard on her.

Everything about Nali sounds really wonderful. She enjoys mile long walks and is well behaved while she’s out and about. Her people report they’ve heard her bark only once-when someone was breaking into their car! Nali can stay alone when her humans leave the house and manage a few hours between potty breaks. Stairs are not a problem for Nali.

We are told that Nali is a sweetheart; she will engage with you when she has you to herself. She will sit directly at your feet . Nali will stand on her hind legs and stick her front paws out. CUTE! She keeps watch on the space around her, moving her large ears like satellites. We think Nali sounds like a really special girl, who will make a really special companion to a very lucky person.

Nal is located in Seattle, WA. For contact information please email:

This is a courtesy post. Nali is not an Old Dog Haven dog. We urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.