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Please note: The dogs in ODH's Final Refuge care are not adoptable due to medical reasons and all are in permanent homes. Your sponsorship supports the veterinary expenses for these dogs - and we thank you!

Nini was brought to a shelter in November of 2023 as a stray where the vet thought he was close to 15 years old. This adorable little boy was really in rough shape. He was emaciated (weighing only half his body weight) and blind from living with untreated dry eye for so long. He had severe dental disease and was still intact with testicular tumors. While Old Dog Haven looked for a permanent placement, he was neutered and placed in a wonderful temporary shelter foster home. We are so grateful to this foster family which put a huge amount of effort and love into the start of Nini’s recovery and gave him a place to relax and regain his strength.

Old Dog Haven was able to find Nini the most amazing and compassionate permanent Final Refuge home and his foster mom said it was “love at first sight!

Old Dog Haven went right to work on all of the many medical issues Nini had that needed to be addressed. During his intake exam, it was found that he also has a grade 3/5 heart murmur, is deaf and has arthritis that causes him to be wobbly and unsteady on his feet. A recent ultrasound also revealed that Nini has a thyroid tumor and an as-yet unidentified mass near where his testicles were. The thyroid condition may be contributing to his slow weight gain as he is a very enthusiastic eater.

In addition, Nini has dry eye which has resulted in a complete loss of vision. He has seen an ophthalmologist who has prescribed compounded eye drops ordered from a pharmacy in New Jersey and a lubricant administered several times daily in each eye. Nini’s vet team will be closely monitoring his condition to track the progression of the tumors and he will soon receive a dental and follow-up ultrasound in the coming months.

Nini is really enjoying all the love and attention he is now receiving in his new home. As you can imagine he is also quite the snuggle bug and his mom calls him “doggie perfection” and the love of her life. His foster mom tells us that when he is not following her from room to room, he loves to lie in the sun. Even though Nini is blind and deaf, his foster mom frequently talks to him. She is very much looking forward to all the fun they will have this upcoming summer.

We are so happy Nini will always have the vet care he needs and the safety and security of a forever home. We hope Nini has many more sunny days ahead of him!

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