Nolan was found wandering and taken to a local shelter by a kind person.  He was so sick, old and ragged, he was deemed unadoptable.   They treated him for anemia and had to shave him because of the condition of his fur.  He is almost blind, had a bladder infection, a heart murmur,  was in kidney failure, had pulmonary issues, muscle wasting, osteoarthritis with a hump back and hip issue, and he had only one tooth – and that one was infected.

Fortunately the shelter called ODH and they found him his much needed ODH final foster family.

Now Nolan is at a home of his own.  Today, he is a totally different dog because of  the loving and  and pampering he receives from his family and the excellent medical care he receives from Old Dog Haven.  He is getting stronger and healthier every day and his charming personality really wins people over.  He romps and plays and stays very busy investigating his house and yard when he isn’t napping.  Nolan does not like being in enclosed areas so being in an already dog friendly home was a perfect  place  for him to thrive.

During his first bath his little body melted into his new mom’s hands as if he were having a spa treatment.  As she washed the shelter smell away, his cares and worries began to drain away as well  He appreciates any little treat or kindness so much that it warms your heart all the way to your toes so you just want to keep finding more things to make him happy.

At first he was so ragged that he didn’t attract many friends but now that he has gained some weight and has gotten his fluffy back, people can’t help but want to pet him.

During an xray to check for heart enlargement (he has a heart murmur as do many little old dogs), the vet saw a coin in his stomach.   An endoscopy removed a dime – sparing him invasive exploratory surgery and taking out a possible source of zinc toxicity.   We hope he will feel better and perhaps his liver and kidneys will have less stress.   The vet also closed an oronasal fistula exposed when his last canine tooth was removed.     Nolan didn’t seem too impressed by the procedures of course.

He is now a chipper little fellow and he may be blind and a little deaf but he certainly knows where his family is at all times. He has learned to use the doggy door and likes going in and outside whenever he wants.   He gets along well with the two family dogs and cat.

Because he was so happy to be rescued and become a part of Old Dog Haven, he went with his family to some events and loved riding in his stroller.

Nolan loves fuzzy blankets, tater tots, and snuggles and best of all – his new home!

Update:  With little warning, dear Nolan collapsed suddenly and passed away – his sweet old body finally gave in to age and his health issues.  This wonderful boy was much loved by his entire family and was a great ODH representative at various events.  For such a little guy, he made a big impact on the lives of so many.