At 16 years old, Reggie the Bichon was about to become a shelter resident because his people were moving and didn’t want to include him in the move. Old Dog Haven intervened and now Reggie has a forever home.

Even though he’s deaf, mostly blind, has lots of old man bumps and lumps, and his rear legs are stiff, Reggie is still very active and especially loves going to the beach with his dog brother and sisters. He spends most of his time on the beach sniffing rather than walking, but he loves being there—especially if there are other dogs and people with treats.

At home, Reggie spends most of his time lounging on one of the many dog beds available to him, and at night he sleeps in the big human bed with his mom and two of his sisters. He likes to explore in the yard, even though he misses all of the action with the deer and squirrels because he can’t see them.

Reggie is a sweet, playful guy who is very happy in his new home. He loves his family and they love him.

Thanks to ODH Reggie is healthy and is well cared for physically and emotionally. He’s a winner!

Update:  We Remember Reggie

After almost a year in his Final Refuge home, Reggie’s 17 year-old body finally gave out on him and his family sent him Home with love and thanks for a wonderful time together.

Reggie will always be remembered for his charming smile, the tail that never stopped wagging, his hop-along gait when he tried to run on the beach, his delight in the small pleasure of a contented nap with his mom, his funny “I can’t see you but I know you’re there” bounciness, and his determination to be the best version of himself that he could be in spite of visual and hearing loss, dementia and restricted mobility.

Reggie was a gentle soul and he will be missed by his friends and family. He was loved and valued.

We’re grateful to Old Dog Haven for giving us the opportunity to be Reggie’s family.