From her foster mom:

Noni, a 15 year old West Highland Terrier, had been in a shelter for a couple of weeks before ODH was contacted. Her person went into a care facility and no one in the family wanted poor Noni. She was very stressed and a mess when I went to meet her. Her fur was dirty, yellow and matted. Her teeth were horrific and so were her toenails. She had bloody diahrrea which turned out to be coccidea. She also had toenail fungus and between that and the really long toenails she had some trouble walking. She was in pain and grumpy when handled.

Old Dog Haven took her into their program and we became her final refuge foster. After getting a dental, antibiotics for her infected mouth, treatment for coccidea and toenail fungus she is a completely different dog. She also had a spa treatment at the groomer and looks gorgeous. Her fur is bright white and she has spring in her step. She is inquisitive, active, affectionate and a joy to have around. She loves to go “glamping” with us in our camper and visit new places. We are so happy to have her in our fur baby family!

A true example of what a difference ODH can make!

Update:  After a wonderful time with her Final Refuge family, Noni’s health declined suddenly and we had to say good-bye.  Such a very special girl who blossomed with care and love.  Dear Noni, you will always be in our hearts.


At the shelter