Don’t let the name Miniature Pinscher fool you, Olivia is a big dog in spirit and heart. She happily spends her days in the lap of her favorite foster grandma or barking in unison with her “brother” at squirrels in the yard. She is always happy to see you, even if you’ve only gone to the bathroom, and greets you with jumps and dances. She is very attached of her foster mama and would spend every minute with at least one paw touching her if she could! Her new favorite “trick” is barking at the dinner table, but she doesn’t want food, she wants to be cuddled!

Olivia has had some dental work done (including 6 teeth pulled) and is currently on a program to lose weight to help her heart and joints function better. Olivia is about 13 years old and she is a big fan of eating grass and soft treats. She loves her blankets and burritos herself in one when she is not snoozing on someone’s lap. She is so gentle and patient with her 6-year-old human cousin and loves when she comes to visit. Olivia has become such a big part of her ODH family and we will try to keep her happy and healthy for a long time to come.

Update:  After nearly 3 years in her ODH home, Olivia became very ill and intensive care at a specialty center was unable to save her.  This sweet little dog will be missed by all who knew her.

Olivia min pin 0615-FR032516