From her foster mom:

“Pansy came to her Final Refuge home at around 17 years of age. She is a red merle short haired dachshund, about 10 lbs. When I met up with a shelter volunteer to get our new girl, poor Pansy smelled like a barn and not in a good way. We had a vet appointment immediately following so there was no time for a bath.

“Pansy has a tumor on her liver diagnosed on ultrasound. Her teeth are in very bad shape, however, due to her medical issues she has not had a dental. We do pulse antibiotics once a month to keep any infection at bay.

“Pansy also has a pretty good sized mass on one of her feet, but it does not impede her mobility. This would be difficult to take off due to its position. Pansy is beginning to develop dementia, so we will be watching (and loving her a lot) to monitor her quality of life. Our dear girl also has a cataract in one eye due to previous trauma.

“Pansy takes medication for her liver, eye, blood pressure, teeth and dementia. These medications will be on going for the rest of her life. With the veterinary care and medication that ODH generously pays for, we are now able to keep Pansy comfortable and safe.”

Update:  After much too short a time, dear Pansy’s health rapidly deteriorated and her family said a very loving good-bye.  At the end of her life, she knew lots of love and had the best care possible and she will be greatly missed.