Pearl was left with her longtime veterinary clinic when the family could no longer keep her.  The kind staff contacted Old Dog Haven for help placing this 12 year-old Labrador with serious anxiety issues but a wonderful temperament, and ODH found an experienced Final Refuge family to take her in.

Her people report that dear Pearl is truly enjoying her forever home!  Like all good Labradors, she loves her yard, playing in the grass, being cozy by the fire, and enjoying the feeling of sun and wind on her fur. Pearl loves her two fur siblings who are much smaller than she is but somehow seem to control the best (and biggest) beds. Pearl loves her ODH family and never leaves her ODH mom’s side.

Pearl’s family are working to help her anxiety with medication and supplements. While the anxiousness may never fully subside, they tell us that she is much happier than when she arrived and she is clearly delighted to have such a great home!