The earliest known information about Pebbles‘ travels includes several different shelter stays.  She finally wound up in a shelter with more issues than one of God’s creatures should have to endure. Her bloodwork shows the presence of Cushing’s disease (a pituitary gland malady); we are fighting 2 different strains of mange; she has had 17 of her teeth extracted (that may not be all she will lose in the end); she has constant joint challenges for which she must imbibe several supplements and pain control medicines; there are several different growths covering her little body; she also had a quite severe ear infection, but that condition has been erased.

Pebbles came to me (her Final Refuge mom) described as deaf and mute! No one seems to know her “breed”…. it matters not to me so I tell them she is 100% Dog, no Cat!!!! Her care will be expensive and extensive for the forseeable future. However, with God’s blessings (for her and for me), ODH’s support (emotionally and financially), and Pebbles’  inner strength (of which she has plenty), she will be with us awhjile….

Our stories are miraculous:

I sent my previous fur child to the Rainbow Bridge a few months ago…I was devastatingly lonely…At the same time, Pebbles was being dumped once again…

A wonderful friend sent me the link to ODH with the encouragement to check them out…….

As I applied for acceptance as a permanent foster home….Pebbles was transferred to another shelter, with little prospect of being adopted or finding a home of her own.

As my application process was humming along….a volunteer at the shelter called ODH and they agreed to take Pebbles but needed a bit of time to find her a home.  A shelter volunteer  took Pebbles home with her!  A week later my application was approved and I received an email with a picture of Pebbles – as they say “The rest is history.” One glance at the face in that email stole a piece of my heart!

Pebbles continues to astonish me everyday. Just a side note…she has hearing loss but is not deaf.  I’m one of the lucky ones she “selects” to hear….lol! She is not mute either (she corrected the manners of the young puppy who barked at her longer than she thought was acceptable, and she showed me how animated she could become with her body language and steady barks when we encountered the neighbor’s cat for the first time!

We have developed a routine that works for us…she has begun to recognize that she is safe, secure and loved here in this little place we call home. I feel blessed every time she comes to me for some brief attention or I hear her lightly snoring, knowing she now feels comfortable enough to relax here.

Thank you Old Dog Haven for allowing me this amazing privilege.

Update:  Pebbles amazed us all with her courage and trust.  She relished her time in her wonderful Final Refuge home.  She almost made it one year, though it was much too short a time for her family.  This dear girl was cherished and sent on her way with love when her body failed suddenly.  Her mom was grateful to have known her and Pebbles will be greatly missed.