Keelin, a small Shih Tzu, was brought to a large shelter as a stray. She was missing most of the hair on her back and her mouth was terrible, as is true with many dogs that come to ODH. Her lower jaw is in two pieces caused by rotting teeth, and what few teeth she has will probably need to be removed.

In spite of her obvious discomfort, this cheery little girl continuously wagged her tail and became an instant favorite of shelter staff and volunteers. She’s now been in her ODH Final Refuge home for two months and after medicated baths three times a week her coat has grown back in and is beautiful. She’s scheduled for a dental in a month and will no doubt lose whatever teeth remain. The lower jaw will remain as it is but it doesn’t seem to bother her at all.

This perky little girl has seamlessly become a part of her ODH family. She gets along well with the other dogs, loves to ride in the truck, enjoys walking on the beach or in the park and she’s quite a foodie. She’s especially fond of spaghetti (no sauce; just plain), which is provided as a special treat now and then. She’s gained a pound in the past two months and is now at her preferred weight of 10.5 pounds.

Keelin has found her voice. When breakfast or dinner isn’t served in what she considers a timely manner, she lets her foster moms know that they’re taking too long to present her food. She’s also quite a talker, expressing her pleasure or displeasure in a chortling song with an unrecognizable tune. She’d never make it on “The Voice” but she doesn’t seem to care and neither does her family.

Charming, bouncy, and a great snugger, this sweetheart has found her forever home with people who feel very fortunate that she’s become a part of their lives.

Update: After almost two years of sharing life with her forever family, Keelin moved on to her next expression of spirit. Dementia had so impacted her quality of life that it was time to release her from her body and failing mind. We remember this charming little character with smiles as we think about her prancing on her walk, loudly snoring, impatiently waiting for her meals (especially if there was pasta involved), snuggling on the bed with the other dogs, her sense of humor, calm determination, and her loving spirit. We feel very fortunate to have known and loved this sweetheart, and will always miss and love her. Thank you Keelin for everything you taught us.