Pepper is an Australian Cattle Dog (aka Blue Heeler), approximately 10 years old when she came to ODH in 2013. She was surrendered to a shelter by someone who only had her a few weeks, perhaps found her on the street? Pepper has neurological deficits in her hind legs – this doesn’t stop her from getting around but does make her unadoptable. She also had very itchy skin which is under control now with the right diet, and the bald spot near her tail has grown in nicely. Her “cauliflower ears” indicate a history of ear infections so her ears need long-term monitoring. Pepper attached quickly to her foster mom. She is VERY smart and that famous cattle dog intensity is tempered with age, though she can be protective of “her” person. Pepper initially tried to herd one of the other dogs in her foster home but has learned that isn’t necessary. Pepper’s past is unknown but she is enjoying the loveseat and walks with the pack, the happy retirement she deserves.

Update:  Pepper developed an aggressive cancer pushing against her nasal passage; chemotherapy helped for a short time. She’d battled quite a few medical challenges over the last year or two, this one finally was too much for even a tough determined old lady.

She leaves a large hole in her ODH family’s home.