Kevin spent only 5 weeks with his ODH home, after spending 2-1/2 months in a shelter kennel (his second “visit” there, each time with terrible skin problems), supposedly an “outside dog” and never neutered). He quite quickly adjusted to the good life including sleeping on the leather chair and loveseat, inspecting the pasture VERY carefully, acting as GuardDog for the little dogs at home and on errands, and generally being fussed over. Kevin’s very mellow and happy personality, gentle manner with the other animals in his home, and efforts to please won over his family and everyone he met. That labrador tail just kept wagging!
It was immediately clear that something was wrong neurologically – he was uncoordinated, seemed to limp in an odd manner, couldn’t really trot and couldn’t run for more than a few strides, couldn’t find the ball he chased. He had many tests and saw the neurologist, nothing arose to explain the problems but his vet suspected something in the central nervous system. Then he became confused, not recognizing sights and sounds that were very familiar, and started to be very afraid of everything around him. As these symptoms increased and Kevin became anxious and fearful, we knew it was time to let him go in peace.

We loved him a lot.