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Please note: The dogs in ODH's Final Refuge care are not adoptable due to medical reasons and all are in permanent homes. Your sponsorship supports the veterinary expenses for these dogs - and we thank you!

From Percy’s Final Refuge Mom:

Our lovely Percy, a nine year old chihuahua, unfortunately had a rough road before being rescued.  He was adopted a few years ago but the information provided wasn’t real. Who knows what happened that caused Percy to end up as a stray, alone, scavenging for food, and out in the elements with temps falling into the 30s.

By the time he came to a busy shelter, they weren’t sure he would make it. For a dog that should weigh about 14lbs, Percy weighed six. A walking skeleton. Covered in fleas, anemic, open lesions, and what looked like a mass of tiny barnacles spread all over his wounds. Despite all this, he remains a precious boy.

This little champ was lucky to have  ODH follow him and here he ended up as a ‘Final Refuge Orientee!’ Knowing that his medical cares and ongoing skin treatments are the best, Percy began to thrive despite his physical problems.

We started working on his excoriated skin with warm baths and medicated shampoo. Feeding good food, small amounts but frequently (he loves his chow). The vet initial exam showed enlarged liver, pancreatic problems (ultrasound scheduled this week), along with lab results that would dismay a weaker dog but Percy continues to perservere in his very sweet ways.

It is said he might have limited vision due to a constricted pupil in one eye but what he does have, along with an infamous nose (“lunch! sniffs! pee mail!”), Percy scouts the landmarks with no problem. It is also a concern that he is still weak but of course, being a tough cookie, he has trotted faster than his buddy Emmett (who is 17 years old so might not be much of a race but don’t tell Percy). And how he swears all the dog pads are his. Even our ODH and shelter dogs are amazed as to how enthusiastically Percy joined the Canine Crazy Crew (of which he has been voted in as an honoree).

So our hope is Percy will continue to defy the odds and end up an ODH Super Survivor.

Update from his Mom:

This little 11lb pooch has really overcome obstacles. He was diagnosed recently with Cushing’s disease. Started on chemotherapy twice a day. Unfortunately, it slowed down his skin healing but Percy, in our eyes, is the most handsome boy.

He continues to curl up to any of ours dogs, big or small.  He is an expert in sneaking out a snack from the other dog bowls (and yes, they don’t mind). Wanders around with our big dogs as if he’s a much larger pup. Has never barked at home but while Percy had to spend the day at the vet, he made his loud discontent known throughout (silly boy).

This slightly damaged sweetheart just continues to make us laugh at his shenanigans and we are better for having him in our lives.

Percy now looking fluffy!

Percy at the shelter sos very thin!

The bed is very comfy and warm

Ahhhh A snooze in the sun on spring grass

At the shelter

Feeling so much better

Dear Percy knows he is home now – and awaits a warm sweater from Mom

Top to bottom: Sam, Percy and Emmett

Percy is sponsored by:

  • Wendy & Jon Iseman of Mukilteo, WA - Lifetime Sponsor
  • Karine Wagner of Truckee, CA - Lifetime Sponsor
  • Maggie Adams of Chandler, AZ - Lifetime Sponsor
  • Geneva Mercer of Marysville, WA - Lifetime Sponsor