Percy came into a shelter as a stray, with a big heart murmur, terrible teeth, and essentially blind. He was very withdrawn and nonresponsive to people – unusual for a little old toy poodle in a terrifying place. As soon as he moved into his ODH home, however, he took over the nearest lap and just cuddled up. He would sleep on dad’s chest or sit on mom’s lap reading or watching TV for hours.

He became very attached to the electric blanket throw as well. In the four weeks he had with us, he spent a great deal of time with veterinarians; his mouth was successfully repaired but otherwise his body was fighting us. His kidney function went wildly up and down and he passed out with increasing frequency. The cardiologist felt that his heart wasn’t the problem, the neurologist felt it must be his heart, no answer was apparent. Sadly, he didn’t wake up from the last faint.

His ODH mom says “I still have tears but they fall on a smile, because I know he was so so happy, and he had love, warmth, and shelter. Whatever I gave him, he gave me so much more.”