Little five-pound Perry arrived at a local shelter with very long, very matted hair and an equally scrappy attitude. Due to his age of about 16, his poor condition and his reactivity, Old Dog Haven was asked to help with what was thought to be a hospice situation. Once in his ODH home, he was thoroughly vetted and went to see a veterinary eye specialist.  Fortunately, this wee fellow’s pretty healthy overall–he just needs daily eye drops–but because of whatever he experienced in his previous life, it’s essential that he’s now in a caring ODH home.

Over time, his ODH mom was able to trim away his long locks while he ate his meals, and he learned to let her give him his eye drops. He’s still not completely house-trained but his forever mom hasn’t given up. She tells us he’s still able to get around, even running inside when he’s excited. He’s now attached to her completely: barks when she leaves the house and follows her around when she is home so she hopes that cuddling will soon be allowed. Baby steps!

Thanks to those of you who support ODH, Perry will have all his needs met for as long as he decides to stay here.  And even with his slightly crusty attitude, he is very well loved.

Update:  Perry’s health finally failed him and his Final Refuge mom had to say goodbye.  He was a very old man, but had a wonderful time in his new home and was very much loved.

Arriving at his new home from the shelter

After a trim