Sela is a six-pound Chihuahua senior who was dumped at a shelter. She was terrified, desperately confused, and in shock. Not yet spayed, this sweet old girl looked to have been pregnant many, many times in her life. As is common with unspayed older dogs, she had several mammary tumors which were possibly cancerous. It was decided that because she was so fragile, surgery was not a good option. She also had very little sight left. The shelter employees fell madly in love with her, and asked Old Dog Haven to please help find her a forever home.

Her ODH Final Refuge family reports that she is an entirely different dog now. Playful, cuddly and thrilled with life, she endlessly amuses them. They report, “She says all she needs is warm blankets, LOTS of cuddles, a sister dog to mildly harass – I mean to play with – tasty food, and more warm blankets!”

Because of your support of ODH, little Sela will never again be a puppy-making machine for profit, but a beloved member of an adoring family. And perhaps a little spoiled, as she well deserves!

Update:  After a wonderful final chapter, Sela passed away suddenly.  She was very old but had a new lease on life with her Final Refuge family and loved all the cuddles and special places to sleep.  She also taught her Mom just how wonderful little old Chihuahua girls can be!