Petunia was an urgent shelter pull because she was very stressed. We got her July 5th thanks to the wonderful transport volunteers who brought her to our home.

She settled in as good as possible with the other dogs and drew a lot of comfort from FR Posey ( bless Posey’s sweet accepting heart). Petunia wandered around inside and out and stopped only when I made her stop by putting a leash on her and kept her close to me. Her wandering wasn’t random but seemed to have a purpose of trying to find a way out. I think she was grieving for her past home.

What a sweetheart she is. She even seemed to cry herself to sleep with little whimpers for the first week. Almost 3 weeks later she is glued to me and wags her tail now (yay). She is eating well and much more comfortable crawling in bed with the other dogs if I am gone and I’m not walking into mournful howling at the door anymore.

Petunia has even gotten comfortable going to the house and in the dog door by herself when she gets tired if I am busy in the barn or doing chores around the grounds.

Thanks to ODH for all they do to help these forlorn dogs that just want and need a happier, healthier life.

Update:  After a very short illness, little Petunia couldn’t recover and her loving Final Refuge home had to say goodbye.  She relished each day with her family and they were so glad to have her with them.  Petunia will be missed greatly.

Such wonderful ears!