A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away………Jedi Knight Yoda appeared in a shelter parking lot looking for new recruits.  The force is strong with him, and kept him safe until the staff found him and brought him inside.  The Jedi did not have a good dental plan, so Yoda was left with only four teeth after his dental appointment.  (He came into the shelter with severe dental disease.)

Now he enjoys his well-earned retirement in his Old Dog Haven Final Refuge home.  In keeping with his training, Yoda bravely defends his new home and family against all threats.  At seven pounds, he is the smallest creature in the house, but certainly not a pushover.  Once everything is secure, Yoda prefers to spend his time sleeping next to a human while under a pile of blankets.

Addendum:  Those who lack understanding of the true nature of the Jedi report that he is supposed to be a French bulldog/Chihuahua mix, and is about 14 years old.   His mouth has been healthy since it was fixed up and he’s had his “dry eye” treated by a specialist as well as a serious corneal ulcer addressed.

Update:  Dear Yoda was a force of nature and much loved in his home for almost 7 years!  Finally the little Jedi had to move on and will be greatly missed.  This little fellow clearly relished every day and the force was strong within him.