Posey, a lovely old Labrador, found herself left at a shelter in her old age. She had a concerning tumor on her abdomen and needed to be evaluated by a specialist, so the shelter asked for Old Dog Haven’s assistance.  As a special case, an ODH family picked up Posey at the shelter to have her evaluated at a vet while ODH worked to find her a Final Refuge home.

Once her ODH family met Posey, they asked if they could care for her until after she’d had her surgery…and you can guess what happened after that. Her people share that “she fit in to our home amongst the 6 littles so well AND was super around the chickens and horses, so we put in a request to keep her as a Final Refuge dog and were thrilled when the request was granted!!!” Posey was scheduled for surgery to remove the large, pendulous tumor but the day before surgery she decided to exercise her Labrador sense of adventure and located a package of Macadamia nuts. Standard treatment failed to make her vomit so off to the vet she went. Fortunately, Posey recovered just fine and was able to get her surgery the following week. She’s now doing really well and she can finally move around so much better!

Posey will require ongoing treatment for her ears which are thickened from hematomas and she’ll always have some fatty Labrador “lumps and bumps” but that’s okay. Her tail NEVER quits wagging! Her family reports, “She has some separation anxiety but not in a destructive way–and she’s so happy when we return. She is good on a leash, knows how to use a dog door and was found sleeping on the couch the first night we had her. She is also the PERFECT farm dog!!! We were so in love with her from day one. We are honored to be able to give her a final home. Thank you ODH.”

Update:  After 2 1/2 wonderful years, Posey’s health failed suddenly and her loving family had to say goodbye.  She was a very special girl and loved her family completely – as they loved her.  She will be greatly missed and we are so grateful that we were able to give her such a happy and loving final home.

Posey with the littles

Posey with more littles

Posey before surgery