Ten year-old Molly was surrendered to a shelter along with her lifetime housemate Macie, another senior Yorkie, and they came to their Old Dog Haven Final Refuge home together.

Molly settled right in to her new home and then had a badly needed dental. She’s a rather sensitive soul who is very attentive to Macie. If there seems to be anything out of the ordinary with Macie, Molly is right there by her side. Besides keeping her ODH mom on schedule for breakfast, snacks and dinner, Molly’s favorite activities are keeping an eye out for birds and squirrels while out on her frequent walks, burrowing under blankets, and hanging out next to her mom.

Molly’s a very gentle, sweet dog and a pure joy.

Update:  After a wonderfully long time dear Molly’s heart failed her so her loving family had to say goodbye…She was a very special girl and is greatly missed.