Primrose is thought to be a terrier-dachshund mix who, like so many of our Old Dog Haven seniors, ended up in a shelter after her person died.  At 12, her chances of adoption were slim and the shelter asked ODH if they could find her a Final Refuge home.

Primrose settled into her ODH home very nicely, and soon began to show hints of her dachshund personality!  Her mom reports that she is a happy little dog: “Primrose loves going for walks with her tail waving non-stop and loves to sniff about with the resident dog.  She confidently approaches people to introduce herself, whether they see she’s coming or not!”

Thanks to your support of ODH, little dogs like Primrose get to shine in their golden years.

Update:  Primrose passed very suddenly after a wonderfully long time (though never long enough) with her loving Final Refuge family.  She was a joyful presence and will be greatly missed.