Harley is an adorable, loving cocker spaniel.  He was a mess when Old Dog Haven took him into their program. He came to us with terribly infected ears that had been a long term chronic problem.  He was deaf.  He also had terrible, crusty skin.  His people had him his entire life, moved and didn’t take him.  He was 15 years old.

We were luckily able to get him into the dermatologist & ear clinic right away.  We treated his ears and skin and Harley had multiple trips to the dermatologist as he healed.  He is now on a maintenance routine and he looks gorgeous and feels fantastic!

Harley romps around with our other final refuge foster and enjoys life! Thanks to Old Dog Haven for doing everything they can for this sweet, wonderful dog.

Update from Harley’s Final Refuge Family:

It’s always too soon. Our beloved Old Dog Haven final refuge foster dog Harley passed away suddenly on Monday and left a huge hole in our hearts.

Old Dog Haven rescues dogs from shelters and places them in foster homes so that they can live out their lives with grace. They pay all medical bills to ensure that the dogs have the best possible care. Harley came to us with lots of health issues, but thanks to receiving all the vet care he needed, he lived the last few months of his life as a happy, healthy, and playful ‘puppy’.

For more about dear Harley, you can watch this video on YouTube: https://youtu.be/VT_vh-8GBJs