Princess Bella is truly a princess and she is being treated as such in her Old Dog Haven home. But her story was a tough one before coming in to ODH care. She was was left at a big shelter as a “stray” and she arrived in terrible shape–with ear canals swollen shut, terrible teeth, and hypermature cataracts that made her functionally blind. The shelter contacted ODH for help and this sweet one was well and truly rescued.

Once in her ODH Final Refuge home, Princess Bella had a dental and treatment for her terrible allergies. Such a big relief! She was also seen by an ophthalmologist as one of her eyes had a lens that had moved to the back of the eye, which increased her risk for future glaucoma. Both eyes were then treated to help prevent glaucoma and to prevent the other lens from moving. Eye drops we were able to keep her eyes comfortable for a while, but eventually Bella had to have both eyes removed and the Maranda Fund covered her procedure.

But nothing gets “The Princess”down for long. She is a wonderful friend to her ODH mom, and like so many blind dogs she has adapted very well to her home and environment. This sweet girl just loves any kind of gentle attention and fortunately for her that is never far away. Her ODH mom hopes that Princess Bella has many more years living a comfortable and happy life!

Update:  From her mom:  “Princess Bella is so very old now (at least 17 years old) and I have been truly blessed to have her with me.  She is just the very best little Toy Poodle and so much fun.  Princess Bella now has cognitive dysfunction and is on a couple of new medications that are helping her a bit. Every day is a gift and I just love her so much!”

Final Update:  After 5 1/2 years, it was finally time for Princess Bella to leave her wonderful home.  She was such a very special little girl and brought much joy to her Final Refuge mom.   Both she and her mom relished every day.