Meet Sweet Thing! When her Old Dog Haven Final Refuge family first met this senior, they weren’t so sure about her name.  But it turns out that “sweet thing” perfectly describes this lovely girl in every way, so that name stuck and it stuck fast. They report, “She is truly the gentle giant of our house. She is a pit bull, but considering her best friends are two little dogs and two cats, she acts more like a lap dog than a dog of her own size!”

Before Sweet Thing first came in to ODH care, the shelter estimated she was about 13 years old.  She’s now been with her forever people for over a year, and as with so many of our Final Refuge dogs, they don’t know how much time they will have with her. Her mom reports, “we had a scare with her at one point when she was inexplicably unable to walk, but thanks to the amazing vet care funded by ODH, she was able to get back to normal!” For Sweet Thing, normal means giving people big, slobbery kisses to the face and maybe even a little “bruff” bark if she thinks it’s time for some quality butt-scratching.

“We are so thankful for Old Dog Haven for this wonderful dog—Sweet Thing is living her best life because of this organization!”

Update:  After such a wonderful time in her Final Refuge home, Sweet Thing’s health failed and her family had to say goodbye.  She was just the greatest dog and lived up to her name over and over again.  Dear Sweet Thing will be greatly missed by so very many.