Pugsley came to Old Dog Haven as an owner surrender. His lifetime owner could no longer afford to care or feed him or his pug friend Duncan. Both dogs were underweight and unkempt. A home where the pugs could be kept together was found because they were buddies. Pugsley was completely blind and he had been attacked and shaken by a large dog at a dog park years prior. We believe this made him more reactive to pretty much everything. Being re-homed was not easy for Pugsley. His foster family worked through his anxiety, an anti-anxiety medication helped and for many months Pugsley did really well.

Pugsley enjoyed sunny days and going for long walks. He made friends with dogs other than Duncan in his foster home but his favorite friend Duncan was the one Pugsley appreciated cuddling up with the most. Pugsley was a really sweet dog who was loved very much by his foster family. He was a gorgeous pug with beautiful, soft fur and a perfectly curled tail. In the last months of his time in his foster home, Pugsley’s personality started to change and then he suddenly developed aspiration pneumonia.It was obvious that he was also having pain and a neurologic disorder probably caused the pneumonia as well.

With great sadness Pugsley was sent on. Pugsley is missed very much.