Raible is at least 15 per his microchip, that’s all we know about him – he’s VERY old for what seems to be a lab (or Golden) and shepherd mix.   He has a gorgeous thick coat, that wonderful face, and a funny puppylike bounce – complete with tossing of toys – when we come home or something exciting happens.    He moves beautifully, has short spurts of bounding around the field, and sleeps well.  We have to mix up easily-eaten meals and sometimes let him finish later but for such an old man he does quite well.    Getting senile?   well yes but….

Raible has a pretty serious case of laryngeal paralysis which we are treating with medication to keep inflammation in his throat down.  We have no clue how much longer he can continue without struggling to breathe but for now we are enjoying his company.

Update:  Very suddenly, Raible’s Laryngeal paralysis got much worse and we sadly had to say goodbye to our dear, sweet boy.  He could only stay for 6 weeks, but we made sure he knew he was loved, and we were blessed to get to know this very special old boy.