Reese is a very pretty spaniel girl in need of an adoptive home. Reese is 9 years old and she weighs 30 pounds.

Reese hasn’t been in her current home long. Her person is sad to give her up but circumstances beyond his control happen and he knows she deserves a home where people are around more often. Reese is a very loving dog who is said to be good with other nice dogs. The belief is she’s never lived with cats and it is unknown how she may respond to one. Reese is good with gentle children who are respectful of her.

Reese is good on leash and would enjoy a couple walks a day. She can manage stairs. At this time Reese is spending days contained in a bathroom  while her person is at work. Reese needs a potty break about every 5 hours. Her person does come home at lunch so she can get out but it’s a long time for her to be contained like that. At night she sleeps in the bathroom so she won’t roam and have an accident. At one point Reese did have a crate. Her adopter may want to try crating her at night if necessary or they’ll need to get her out for a potty break. Understandably, Reese will whine when her person leaves but we are told she settles down eventually.

Reese’s person is rehoming her because he is wants what’s best for her. Someone will be very fortunate to welcome Reese into their family. She is ready for her true forever home!

Reese is posted for her owner who lives at JBLM, WA. For contact information please email

This is not an ODH dog; we urge prospective adopters to do their own evaluation.