ODH was contacted by one of the large shelters to see if we could find a Final Refuge home for sweet little Rennie. She had been picked up 2 weeks earlier and was in pretty bad shape. Very thin, in need of a bath, rotten teeth and probable internal health issues. It was also obvious that she had not been treated kindly, and was very tentative about letting people touch her. But one of the wonderful volunteers at the shelter saw past all this, and felt Rennie deserved a chance to live out her time in peace and quiet with people who would love and care for her. You could tell from the very start that she wanted to fit into her new home and tried to make those heartwarming first attempts at trusting humans again. Very sadly, Rennie had a medical emergency just 3 short days after coming to her Final Refuge home. Nothing could be done to ease her pain and, sadly, we decided to let her go. The shelter volunteers, ODH transporters and her new Final Refuge family felt so lucky to have spent time with this dear dog and only hope that they made her last 3 days such that she knew she was safe and loved. It was an honor to have seen her happy, if only for a short time. Rest in peace sweet Rennie. You touched all our hearts!! Rennie passed away July of 2015.