Ringo came to ODH as an urgent request from a big shelter; he had come in “stray” with a heart that sounded scary, and his attitude was also scary in the stress-filled situation.    Fortunately, in an ODH home with experienced and patient dog people he settled down quite quickly.

The cardiologist found that he had mild heart disease that will undoubtedly progress with time, but wasn’t anywhere near as scary as it had seemed.  Stress causes many problems!    Our vet found a mass in his bladder which again was very scary; after diagnostic procedures the mass turned out to be a polyp – benign.  Ultrasound found nodules in his liver which turned out to be benign as well.

Ringo finally got to just relax and be a happy, active, funny dog.  He still runs around with his younger “brothers”, when they are playing fetch. He has so much work ethic chasing them around, his family sometimes have to make him rest because – true to the breed – he doesn’t really know his limits!

Update:  After some wonderful time enjoying his loving foster home, Ringo’s health issues finally caught up with him and his family had to say good-bye.  He was a very special boy and will be truly missed.