Abigail was a “stray” found wandering, matted and filthy, and was taken to a shelter. After being cleaned up and having a dental, she arrived at our house with a bit of a princess attitude and a can-do spirit. Her back legs were weak and she dragged her toes, but she said “I can do this” and ran around the house leaping from rug to rug. She had almost no warning when she needed to poop (maybe why she was abandoned?), but she valiantly said “I can do this” and would try to make it outside in time with variable success.

Little by little Abigail’s world started to shrink, almost without our noticing. Eventually she spent most of her time in the study, although she would insist someone come and join her. Her last couple months were filled with one challenge after another but every time she said “I can do this” and adapted. Dizziness and balance problems, decreasing (but variable) vision loss, decreasing ability to get around without stumbling—Abigail took each disability in stride, saying “I can do this.” Eventually though it was more than she could do and we told her it was time to rest.

Five months was not nearly long enough with Abigail and much shorter than we anticipated. She made a big impression in a short time. She was one tough little girl. Now she CAN do everything, as she runs with the other ODH dogs that were waiting for her on the other side. Have fun, sweet Abigail Jane.