Rosie is a Shih Tzu who found herself sick and blind and weighing 25 pounds in a shelter when her owner couldn’t afford her medical bills. Rosie was a masterpiece of neglect, suffering from multiple ailments as well as panic attacks, poor grooming and diet. In spite of her illness and discomfort, Rosie was sweet, loving, and very scared. Since joining Old Dog Haven, Rosie has been treated for her many medical problems by the wonderful doctors and staff at one of our vet clinics. She still has anal gland troubles for which she’s earned the nickname Scooty Puff, and her lack of up-close vision can turn her into a pinball in unfamiliar territory. She really hates being on a diet.

Rosie is happy in her Old Dog Haven home where she lives with her foster parents and a 16 year old Chow Chow with whom she is having a clandestine romance; they are very sweet together when they think they’re alone. Rosie no longer panics, weighs a more comfortable 18 pounds, has distance vision, and is the boss. She lets her family know exactly when it’s time for meals, meds, and movements. She likes cookies, snuggles, and stealing comfy pillows. She recently learned that walks are fun. She’s a sweet, happy, much loved old lady.